America’s Leading COVID-19 Workplace Management Solution

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Proactively Manage the Health and Safety of your Employees

Be Proactive

Stay ahead of COVID-19 and other workplace health risks by proactively assessing your staff before they enter the workplace.

Decrease Risk

Create a “barrier” around your business using MedLife®’s COVID-19 screening tools.

Protect your Staff

Reduce the health risks for your staff, mitigate outbreaks, and ensure that your business continues to operate.

Stay Open

Ensure that those with COVID-19 symptoms stay at home, reducing the risk of spreading the condition to co-workers.

Are you Keeping your Employees Safe?

Stop the Spread

Protecting your employees from potential outbreaks may help slow the spread of COVID-19 in your community.

Ongoing Employee Screening

Stay ahead of COVID-19 with MedLife’s simple solution to employee screening. 

Avoid Regret

Don’t let hindsight guide you, take steps today to protect your employees, their families, and your business.